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As I was laying in bed I was fantasizing about how I would love for someone to come playfully lick my nipples, gently bite them, then suckle all the milk I have waiting for them in my lovely big breasts. I want to feel your hands gently squeezing as you suck, massaging them one by one. Watch as the other nipple becomes erect by the touch of your hand on her while your mouth is on the other. As you do this I slowly move my hand down your arm which is laying on my stomach, I get to your elbow and continue on down my pelvic bone to reach my already wet pussy. I brush my fingers over her lips, slowly working my way inside. sliding my fingers up and down from inside me to my clit. I am so wet from doing this and from feeling you nurse from me. You slowly stop suckling the breast you’re on to start on the other. As you work your way over to the other side you’re kissing in a line across my chest. Playfully licking around and on my nipple until you latch on. I am so turned on I lay you down next to me and I hop on top of you. My breast is hanging down with my nipple in your mouth. You’re massaging my breast with both of your hands getting her to have a nice flow of milk. You’re nice and hard as all this is happening. I can feel you through your pants. I start to unbutton them and slide them off of you. You grab your cock and slide it inside me. I slowly start grinding on you, slowly speeding up. I’m riding you and you’re squeezing my tits to squirt on you. Ohh, this feels so good. You wont believe what happens next. In the middle of climaxing, I wake up. It felt so real! I touch myself and I am as wet as can be! Of course I have to finish myself off. So I grab my vibrator and close my eyes and picture myself back on top of you.

xoxo Love you!

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I’m still here.

Sorry I have been out for a while. I’m doing ok, just feeling a bit overwhelmed. This is soon going to change though. Today I got a call from the coordinator at the surrogacy agency. Apparently there is a couple in the Houston area wanting a Houston surrogate! I am calling my doctor today after I get my son to school to see what his thoughts are about me trying again nine months post-partum. I really hope he gives me the ok after going in for a checkup. At least that is what I am hoping. I know he told me to wait at least eighteen months before trying again. I just can’t wait any longer. I am actually surprised I was able to wait this long! Haha. I held off getting birth control knowing that in just a few months to a year later I would be trying again to be a surrogate. I don’t do well on the pill since I forget most of the time so if I were to go on something it would be the IUD ParaGard. I loved it! It was a bitch getting in but so very worth it. I just thought it would have been a waste getting it in and out a year later. Well wish me luck!


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My Baby Boy!

Here is my baby boy Shadow.

I was not able to take his sister, Dory, but here is her picture. :)

They are the cutest puppies ever! Haha. They were so rambunctious together! I am sort of glad I wasn’t able to take her, but you can tell Shadow misses his buddy. The boys are in love with him too! I keep telling my youngest not to carry him so much or he might get mad.

I love how Shadow loves to cuddle! I knew getting a puppy would help with my baby fever! Let’s see how long I last until I actually want a baby! haha

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