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Good news!

I am pumping out about an ounce more of milk. I just needed to eat more than I was, as well as pumping as many times as I can. But it’s working!

Tonight I realized that I need a new place to shoot videos. I haven’t been able to shoot at home since the hubby isn’t fully on board with me making videos like he was in the beginning. Once I get that chance I will make some at home for you all. I love making the videos. I’ve been practicing on showing my face. So hopefully I can get one out to you soon. I am trying to get more comfortable with the camera so I won’t turn so red from blushing. I am a very shy person when I first meet someone, but I do warm up and that is what is happening with the camera. It also helps when I think about talking to a specific person that I am comfortable with, I don’t blush as much. That is what’s been going on so far with me. I am about to head home now and crash. xoxo

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All Tied Up!

It was suggested to me to tie up my breasts so I could get more milk out. I tried it and all I can say is, wow! I had one tied at the time with the pump going on it, which by the way I need to by a new one. Guess that is what I get for buying it used on ebay. That is also probably why my supply is going down because the pump has lost its suction power. So anyway, when I took the pump off I barely squeezed it and it squirted! I need to find another old kid’s belt to have them both tied and squirting. I may just thank him for one of my upcoming video idea! Thank you J.! ;) xoxo

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Sore Nips ;(

I’ve been doing a lot of pumping lately to bring my supply back up, so what that means is I now have sore nipples and it hurts. :( I have cream that I put on them, which helps tremendously! But of course there are times like now that my nipples are super hard because it is super cold in my office. I had security bring me a blanket from housekeeping so now I am at my desk all bundled up and semi warm. These are the times I wish I had a newborn to nurse or wish I was in an ANR and have him (or her) nursing all the time. Which I obviously know it couldn’t happen all day long. All I know is I would definitely love to have a nice warm mouth suckling my engorged breasts than a pump every five to six hours or in between those time. In my spear time I do enjoy a few minutes of suckling myself though. ;)

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